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SKM-T chimney system

TURBO METAL CHIMNEY SYSTEM SKM-T (t) CJ BLOK® - KOMINUS® is an air-flue gas system (SPS) intended for boilers with a closed combustion chamber.

It is made of an acid-resistant metal pipe that removes flue gas from the boiler and an air duct (inside the outer wall of the PK, PKW chimney) that supplies air for combustion.

Such a solution increases the efficiency of the boiler, as the air sucked in from outside is heated by flowing in the opposite direction to the flue gas.

SKM-T KONDENSAT system discharges flue gas from gas or fuel oil-fired heating devices operating under positive pressure, where the temperature of the flue gas does not exceed T 200 (200˚C).


SKC-T KONDENSAT chimney system meets the requirements of EN 1856-1 T200 P1 W Vm L50050 O100 confirmed by the Factory Production Control Certificate No. 1020-CPD-030046636. We offer this system with two pipe diameters, depending on the boiler output Ø60 and Ø80.




Advantages of the SKM-T KONDENSAT chimney system:

  • Increased efficiency of condensing boilers,
  • Resistance to corrosion caused by acids,
  • The boiler can be connected at any height,
  • High gas tightness,
  • Easy and quick assembly, 
  • Resistant to weather conditions, 
  • It does not require an additional air jacket,
  • No additional thermal insulation is required,
  • It does not cool the room.

System review

Straight pipe
Straight pipe
Straight pipe
Łącznik metalowy
Top ventillation grille
Adhesive sealant
Metal formwork flange
Inner metal flange
Outer metal flange
Metal cap