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SKC-T Kondensat chimney system


CERAMIC CHIMNEY SYSTEM, SKC-T KONDENSAT meets the requirements for the most modern gas-fired heating devices with a closed combustion chamber. It is a concentric system in which the inside of the chimney outer wall is used to supply air for combustion, and the ceramic pipe contained in the chimney is used to remove flue gas from the heating device. In this system, the combustion air flows in the opposite direction to the flue gas and is therefore heated, which improves the performace of the boiler. 


CJ BLOK® SKC-T chimney system meets the requirements of EN 13063-3 T200 P1 W2 O20 confirmed by the Factory Production Control Certificate No. 1020-CPD-030040777 and we offer it in six sections: Ø100, Ø140, Ø160, Ø180, Ø200, Ø250.


Advantages of the SKC-T KONDENSAT chimney system:

  • It is possible to connect several boilers to a common system,
  • Increased energy efficiency of the boiler,
  • Resistant to weather conditions,
  • Safe removal of condensed aggressive combustion residues, 
  • Fire safety, thanks to the excellent fire resistance class (from external to external) LA90 (EI-90),
  • High acid resistance,
  • The highest class of WA vapor permeability,
  • High thermal resistance R18 - R24,
  • Smooth walls of the ceramic liners minimize friction during flue gas flow and ensure better draught,
  • Resistant to mechanical loads,
  • Easy and quick installation thanks to the use of modern, lightweight LECA hollow blocks and thin-layer adhesive mortar,
  • Low weight, high strength, high thermal resistance and versatile use of the chimney outer wall (Mn).



System review

Condensate trap
Condensate drain door
Top ventilation grille
Adhesive sealant