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ENERGO KERAMIC is a two-layer chimney system (without mineral wool insulation) designed to remove flue gas from heating systems, with an open combustion chamber in dry and wet operation (solid fuels, including boilers of emission class 4 and 5, liquid and gaseous fuels), as well as with a closed combustion chamber (with water vapour condensation) for gas and fuel oil type SPS (air-flue system), where the temperature of flue gas does not exceed 600°C.  

The excellent thermal insulation properties of the chimney outer wall made of perlite and expanded clay, as well as the specially designed structure allowed the use of the ENERGO KERAMIC system also in low-energy construction.



ENERGO KERAMIC chimney system meets the requirements of EN 13063-1 T 600 N1 D 3 G20 and EN 13063-2 T400 N1 W 2 O20 respectively confirmed by Factory Production Control Certificates No. 1020-CPR-030040624 and No. 1020-CPR-030040625 and we offer it in sections: Ø140, Ø160, Ø180, Ø200.


Advantages of the ENERGO KERAMIC chimney system:

  • it is possible to connect all types of boilers for solid fuels (coal, wood, biofuels, briquettes) liquid fuels 
  • (heating oil,) and gas fuels (natural gas, propane-butane)
  • for all types of boilers with open and closed combustion chamber, including low-temperature boilers
  • high resistance to corrosion caused by D3, W2 acids
  • high class of water vapor diffusion in chimneys (vapor permeability) WA
  • high fire safety G20 fire resistance class 90 minutes LA90 (EI-90) (from external to external)
  • high thermal resistance R30 - R34
  • excellent thermal insulation properties (λ = 0.11 W / m * K)
  • easy and quick installation, ensured by the use of lightweight calibrated chimney hollow blocks 
  • and thin-layer mortars, low weight, high strength, and versatile application of the chimney outer wall (Mn).
  • safe removal of condensed aggressive combustion residues
  • smooth walls of the flue pipe minimize friction during flue gas flow and ensure better draught
  • easy cleaning and resistance to mechanical wear
  • the fuel type does not require additional chimney modification
  • system exposed inside and outside the building

System review

Chimney base liner
Condensate trap
Energo gasket
Compensation sleeve
Thermal insulation membrane
Cleanout door
Top ventilation grille
Adhesive sealant
Thin-layer mortar for chimney systems
Formwork metal flange
Inner metal flange