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It is a combination of two chimney systems thanks to a common outer wall of PK (chimney hollow block), PKW (chimney and ventilation hollow block) which meets the highest requirements of the applicable European standards. The system includes:

SKC-CM UNIWERSAL ceramic chimney system designed for open combustion chamber boilers fired with solid, liquid and gaseous fuels where the temperature of the flue gas does not exceed 600 °C (T600). It is a three-layer system, which is a combination of a ceramic pipe, mineral wool insulation and outer wall (PK, PKW), operating under negative pressure. Operation takes place both in dry mode (no condensation) and in wet mode (with condensation). 

SKM-T KONDENSAT chimney system consists of an acid-resistant metal pipe removing flue gas from the boiler and an air duct (inside the outer wall of PK, PKW chimney) supplying the air for combustion. Such a solution ensures increased boiler efficiency, as the air sucked in from the outside is heated by flowing in the opposite direction to the flue gas. SKM-T KONDENSAT system removes flue gas from heating devices fired with gas or fuel oil, operating under positive pressure where the flue gas temperature does not exceed 200 °C (T200).


The SKC-CM chimney system meets the requirements of PN-EN 13063-1 T600 N1 D 3 G20 and PN-EN 13063-2 T400 N1 W 3 O20 standards, respectively confirmed by Factory Production Control Certificates No. 1020-CPR-030040624 and No. 1020-CPR-030040625. We offer it in sections: Ø140, Ø160, Ø180, Ø200, Ø250.

SKM-T KONDENSAT chimney system meets the requirements of EN 1856-1 T200 P1 W Vm L50050 O100 confirmed by the Factory Production Control Certificate No. 1020-CPD-030046636. We offer this system with two pipe diameters, depending on the boiler output Ø60 and Ø80.


Advantages of the DUO chimney system - SKC-CM + SKM-T:

  • It is possible to connect the chimney to any type of boiler for solid fuels (coal, wood, eco peas, briquette, peat), liquid fuels (fuel oil, kerosene) and gas fuels (natural gas, propane butane),
  • It is possible to connect several boilers to a combined system,
  • Changing the type of energy source, no additional chimney modifications are required,
  • Increased efficiency of condensing boilers,
  • It is possible to connect a condensing boiler at any height,
  • Soot fire resistant G (20),
  • High acid resistance,
  • Fire safety, thanks to excellent fire resistance class (from external to external) EI-90; LA90,
  • Used for all types of open combustion furnaces, including low-temperature boilers with an outlet flue gas temperatures from 40°C,
  • Safe removal of liquefied aggressive combustion residues,
  • The highest class of WA vapor permeability,
  • Smooth walls of ceramic liners minimize friction during movement and ensure better draught,
  • Easy to clean and resistant to mechanical loads,
  • Easy and quick installation thanks to the use of modern, lightweight LECA hollow blocks and thin-layer adhesive mortar,
  • High thermal resistance,
  • Very good ventilation of the insulation,
  • Low weight, high strength, high thermal resistance and versatile use of the chimney outer wall (Mn),
  • Excellent thermal and insulation properties λ = 0.055-0.08 W/(mK).

System review

Outer metal flange
Metal cap
Bottom ventilation grille
Cleanout door
Top ventilation grille
Adhesive sealant
Formwork metal flange
Inner metal flange