Paving block CJ Blok® HOLLAND H-8 (without chamfer)

Zdjęcie produktu Paving block CJ Blok® HOLLAND H-8 (without chamfer)



Product symbol Qty per pallet Gross pallet weight [kg] Weight 1 m2 [kg]
H-8 w/c 8.64 m² 1540 175,7
Product symbol H-8 w/c
Qty per pallet 8.64 m²
Gross pallet weight [kg] 1540
Weight 1 m2 [kg] 175,7

Pliki BIM Paving block CJ Blok® HOLLAND H-8 (without chamfer)  Paving block CJ Blok® HOLLAND H-8 (without chamfer) - Pliki BIM

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Product description and its use

Simple and classic appearance are the dominant features of HOLLAND concrete paving block. The units are perfect for areas with increased circular loads, i.e. above 3.5 tons. They are suitable for driveways between the pavement line, parking lots for cars and trucks, e.g. at shops, hypermarkets, gas stations, etc. HOLLAND can be arranged in a traditional, herringbone or mixed way. The presented variety of the product is 8 cm thick and has no chamfer - its edges are straight with sharply finished corners, which make the paving block quiet in use. In order to finish the surface we use complementary fittings - halves which will speed up the paving process considerably.