Concrete construction block CJ Blok® BBK-14

Zdjęcie produktu Concrete construction block CJ Blok® BBK-14



Product symbol Qty per pallet Gross pallet weight [kg] Unit weight [kg] Compressive strength Fire classification (acc to EN-13501-2+A1:2010)
BBK-14 70 pcs 1400 19,7 20 MPa REI 120, REW 120
Product symbol BBK-14
Qty per pallet 70 pcs
Gross pallet weight [kg] 1400
Unit weight [kg] 19,7
Compressive strength 20 MPa
Fire classification (acc to EN-13501-2+A1:2010) REI 120, REW 120

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Product description and its use

CJ Blok® 14 cm wide concrete block is a universal concrete unit with very good strength properties. It is an ideal material for erecting single-leaf, partition and inter-rooms walls as well as basements and fence walls. It provides very good protection against fire and prevents its spread. Walls with smooth surface made from the blocks do not require plastering. Dimensional accuracy and even edges make construction easier and faster. The other important advantage is very good sound insulation which brings comfort in the room.