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BLOKkom ZCSK-10 mortar for chimney systems is a factory-prepared thin mortar based on selected aggregates, high quality cements and additives, ready to be applied after adding water. BLOKkom ZCSK-10 is used as a thin layer mortar for building products of CJ Blok® ranging from flue and ventilation hollow blocks, expanded clay blocks and construction concrete hollow blocks. It is characterized by very good adhesion to all substrates, as well as high strength and performance. Using 25 kg of BLOKkom ZCSK-10 bag and adding 6-6.5 l of water you will get 18 l of ready-to-use mortar. The average joint thickness after walling should be between 1 mm and max.3 mm. Considering the recommended joint thickness, the hollow blocks should be of high quality (+/-2 mm). As it is a thin layer mortar, it is not suitable for traditional masonry.

Detailed product information is provided on the product label.