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Since 2005, CJ Blok®® has been cooperating with LECA Polska Sp. z o.o., a leading supplier and producer of expanded clay on the Polish market. Over the years, we have been able to diversify our offer with new expanded clay products. In 2015 we launched a modern ENERGO building, including two product groups: ENERGO walls and ENERGO chimneys. This system combines concrete, expanded clay and perlite. CJ Blok® expanded clay and perlite products are efficient, lightweight, quiet, fireproof, frost resistant, waterproof, durable, environmentally friendly, resistant to rodent, fungi and mould.
Expanded clay is a lightweight, high-quality, ecological ceramic aggregate with versatile applications. It is made of a special type of bloating clays and then fired at a very high temperature - up to approximately 1200˚C in a rotary kiln. Expanded clay is very popular as a building material because it is the lightest ceramic aggregate on the market with the highest thermal insulation. Due to its unique properties, expanded clay has excellent resistance to frost, harmful chemical and organic compounds. The porous structure of expanded clay very well disperses and absorbs sound waves, significantly suppressing noise. Another advantage of the aggregate is its vapour permeability, which translates into quick drying of the product and maintaining a favourable level of thermal insulation. Expanded clay is a non-flammable material classified in class A1, while its products do not emit any toxic substances. Expanded clay as an insulating material has a much higher strength than other insulating materials, e.g. polystyrene or mineral wool. This product has dowsing protection, so-called water vein insulation. Thanks to its broad properties, expanded clay can be used in residential, industrial and public buildings, as well as in green roofs. Due to its insulating properties it has been used to insulate floors on the ground, the ceiling and to insulate and drain basement walls. Importantly, aggregate in the construction serves for the production of lightweight structural concretes and heat-protective mortars. It is intended for making wall and ceiling hollow blocks, chimney system outer walls and ventilation ducts, as well as wall and foundation blocks. Such products are made of lightweight, vibro-pressed aggregate concrete. They provide a masonry unit for single- and multi-layer walls, inside and outside, as well as in (suspended) beam-and-block floors. These elements at the density of 850 kg/m3 and 1100 kg/m3 achieve both good thermal insulation and strength parameters. In addition, expanded clay hollow blocks can be used as a wall sound insulator. Expanded concrete products can be nearly 50% more lightweight than traditional concrete products, without losing strength.