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CJ BLOK® elevation units are an impressive building material that combines concrete and aesthetics. Designers from all over the world use a combination of concrete and stone elements in construction projects ranging from commercial, retail, educational and residential. Our company manufactures hollow blocks, bricks and covers.

On our offer you can find wall, fence and retaining elevation hollow blocks. A characteristic feature of our concrete products is the original structure, which can be either split or ground. Concrete bricks are ideal for low, medium as well as high constructions. In addition, they are a unique solution in interior architecture. CJ BLOK® elevation hollow blocks are used for erecting walls in single and multi-family buildings, industrial facilities, public buildings and internal walls of various types of buildings, retaining walls, as well as decorative fences and landscape architecture elements. The accuracy of dimensions and even edges make it possible to build walls with an aesthetic appearance, while reducing mortar consumption. For walling and grouting of elevation elements we recommend BLOKmur masonry mortars containing trass that allows to eliminate lime efflorescence. The wide array of colours and shapes of CJ BLOK® elevation elements gives you spectacular and original solutions.
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Perlite is a naturally occurring rock of volcanic origin. It contains about a few percent of water, which is responsible for its unique properties. After extraction, the rock is exposed to high temperatures (from 850-1000˚C), roasting process. The water accumulated in perlite ores contributes to their swelling and increases their volume up to 15 times. As a result, expanded perlite is formed, which due to its unique properties is widely used. This product is characterized by very low weight and high thermal insulation (coefficient λ = 0.04 [W/mK]) and soundproofing. First of all, it is resistant to fungi and moulds, as well as frost and high temperatures (does not emit any toxic substances). Perlite is an organic product, made from natural resources. It is a healthy and chemically inert material for building a house or finishing external and internal walls in residential and industrial buildings. Thanks to such properties, the hollow blocks made of perlite concrete are a very desirable material on the existing construction market.

In 2009,CJ Blok® started the production of elevation perlite brick. Due to the unique technical parameters, it is an innovative product which has been covered by a patent procedure. The CJ Blok® perlite concrete product group also includes products of the ENERGO Building system as well as chimney hollow blocks that are part of the ENERGO KERAMIC and ENERGO PLAST systems. Prefabricated perlite concrete products are produced by combining natural aggregates (expanded perlite, sand), binder (cement) and water. The perlite concrete mass obtained in this way is subjected to a vibropressing process, followed by heat treatment in the dryer. The prefabricated product obtained in this way meets all the requirements of the construction law and can be used as a safe and healthy building material.