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Company history

The 1990s

The history of CJ Blok
® dates back to the early 90s, at a time when the construction sector in Poland began to expand gradually, primarily due to foreign investors. In 1992, the current president of CJ Blok® Czesław Chrzanowski founded a construction company in Warsaw, which encouraged further investments. The experience brought to Poland from the United States, allowed for manufacturing products in modern technology. As a result, new, innovative concrete products appeared on our market, which considerably reshaped the image of Polish cities and housing estates. Progressive economic growth prompted the president to invest in the south-eastern region of Poland.  


In 2001 the plot located in Rudna Mała (now Głogów Małopolski) was adapted for the business activity. The year 2002 brought about the establishment of "CJ Blok" Fabryka Elementów Budowlanych and the start of the production hall construction. In 2003, assembly of the American Columbia technology line for the production of vibro-pressed products began. In the first years of the company's formation, its core business was the production of construction and foundation hollow blocks as well as pavers. In the following year, the American technology for the production of split elevation products, exposed to the splitting process, was implemented. The year 2005 gave rise to the production of expanded clay, one of the healthiest building materials with excellent thermal insulation parameters, which made it possible to develop 
chimney and wall products.  


High demand for organic expanded clay products, including chimney products, encouraged the company to broaden its operations and establish cooperation in 2006 with the Czech company P-D REFRACTORIES CZ a.s., which produces ceramic chimney liners. As part of the cooperation, the complete CJ Blok
® chimney system was developed and introduced on the Polish market. The rapid increase in demand for construction products urged the company to purchase the new REKERS technological line and additional equipment. In 2007, the hall was rebuilt for the assembly of a new production line. In addition, a new concrete mixing plant and a fully automated pallet wrapping machine were installed. Through the cooperation with the Technology Center at the Rzeszów University of Technology (CTB) and the Czech Institute of Building Technology and Research (TZUS Praha, s.p), CJ Blok® products have obtained approvals and certificates confirming the compliance of technical parameters of products with EU standards. At the same time, the Factory Production Control was carried out and the ISO 9001 Quality Management System was implemented. In 2009, the company CJ Blok® in cooperation with the research unit TZUS Praha, s.p. and the Czech supplier of ceramic liners, developed and started to sell the CJ Blok® TURBO air-flue system for boilers with closed combustion chamber. Also, the technology of elevation element grounding was developed, which enabled a new product group. Between 2009 and 2010, a new office building for CJ Blok® was added, which houses the current customer service department. 


Throughout these years, we signed a number of agreements with strategic companies in order to strengthen our position on the construction market. In 2011, the CJ Blok
® factory, as part of an agreement with RECTOR, introduced new floor concrete hollow blocks to the market. In addition, the Company has established cooperation with a manufacturer of metal chimney liners, Kominus Polska Sp. z o.o. The result of this cooperation was the design and introduction in 2012 of CJ Blok-SKM chimney systems with a metal liner adapted for boilers with a closed combustion chamber. The Company's breakthrough achievement was the development and implementation of an innovative perlite concrete product, manufactured by vibro-pressing, covered by patent protection. In 2015, CJ Blok® obtained a patent document from the Polish Patent Office for the invention entitled "Perlite precast concrete and a method of producing perlite precast concrete".
A significant undertaking was the establishment of the F.E.B. CJ Blok® branch in 2013 in Svitavy, the Czech Republic, which contributed to the expansion of the sales market and promotion of the CJ Blok® brand not only in Poland but also abroad. In 2014, the Company became involved in a project carried out by the design office Optem Sp. z o.o., concerning the development of an innovative system of reinforced soil retaining walls called "optemBLOK" used in construction - in communication engineering. In the following year, CJ Blok® created a comprehensive "house from scratch" construction system using ecological products. In 2015, CJ Blok developed the existing system of building a "house from scratch" for ecological low-energy buildings by creating a modern ENERGO building system, covering two product groups: ENERGO walls and ENERGO chimneys, which are characterised by very good strength, thermal and acoustic parameters. 
During these years, the Company expanded its activities to other areas of Poland. In the Silesian Province, a CJ Blok factory warehouse was established in Rybarzowice near Bielsko-Biała, which is run by SAMKOM (https://samkom.com.pl/), and in the Lower Silesian Province of Laskowice near Wrocław, the warehouse run by ANKARO (http://ankaro.eu/). Diversification of distribution channels resulted in winning new customers in southern and south-western Poland, thus strengthening the CJ Blok® brand products. 


The years 2016-2020 were crucial for the technological development of the company. To strengthen both the Polish and EU market of CJ Blok
® ENERGO products, the Management Board decided to invest in a modern production line that meets the requirements of innovative and ecological products manufacturing technology. In 2016, the Company participated in the EU co-financed project "Implementation of research and development results in the company "CJ Blok" Fabryka Elementów Budowlanych Sp. z o.o. by starting the production of innovative perlite-expanded clay hollow blocks". In 2017, it received a positive project evaluation and began to implement the above mentioned initiatives. In the first half of 2018, a modern technological line was launched, consisting of a machine for the production of ENERGO products by COLUMBIA MACHINE, INC and a transport and packaging system by REKERS. The Columbia machine uses the modern soft vibro-pressing system of CVT-COLUMBIA VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY and the packaging systems use the energy recovery method developed by REKERS. Between 2018 and 2019 the company signed a cooperation agreement with the Czech company ALMEVA EAST EUROPE s.r.o. to create a new chimney system ENERGO-PLAST. The joint venture resulted in the implementation of a modern system for the removal of flue gases from condensing boilers available for sale in the European Union in 2019. This initiative has strengthened our position as well as that of our branch office in the Czech Republic and our partner ALMEVA EAST EUROPE in the chimney system market. 
The year 2020 began with the implementation of the idea of adapting the thermal insulation of ENERGO wall elements to EU requirements in 2021. Together with LAFARGE CEMENT we have taken steps to increase the thermal resistance of ENERGO elements by introducing into their interior an ecological mineral filler increasing their thermal insulation. This innovative solution will allow us to increase our sales markets, taking into account both ecological and economic factors.
Currently, the company focuses on regular production and sales activities:
- chimney systems
- ENERGO chimney systems
- construction and foundation units
- expanded clay wall units
- ENERGO wall units
- elevation units
- road and pavement units

2020 - COVID-19 pandemic

In light of the global epidemic of COVID-19, the first and second quarters of 2020 have proven to be challenging to the construction industry. The general threat has brought about changes in the way production companies operate and manage. As a result, CJ Blok
® had to adapt to the constraints of the new situation. We have therefore made a number of changes to ensure the safety of all employees, customers and business partners. Despite the pandemic, we strive for the rational implementation of our assumptions, goals, service as well as effective cooperation with our customers and partners.