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Plast-Went KONDENSAT Plastic Chimney System



 Chimney system CJ BLOK ENERGO PLAST-WENT - KONDENSAT is an innovative product from the ENERGO KOMINY group of chimney systems. This system is intended for discharging flue gases from condensing boilers (heating devices with closed combustion chamber type SPS), gas-fired and other low-temperature heating devices with flue gas temperature at the outlet up to 120°C, operating under positive pressure. Air duct (inside the outer wall of the PK, PKW chimney) is used to supply air for combustion.



PLAST-WENT - KONDENSAT chimney system meets the requirements of standard EN 14471 T120 H1 W1 O20 LE E U0 confirmed by the Factory Production Control Certificate No. 1020-CPR-030052871. We offer this system with two pipe diameters depending on the boiler capacity Ø60 and Ø80.


Advantages of the PLAST-WENT - KONDENSAT chimney system:

  • high temperature resistance up to 120°C
  • high thermal resistance R30
  • High fire safety O20, EI 90 (90 minutes)
  • High pressure class H1 up to 5000 Pa (tightness guaranteed)
  • High acid corrosion resistance W1
  • System can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Adaptable for LAS collective systems
  • Simple and quick assembly.