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Concrete mix, BLOKmur MB-25

Zdjęcie produktu Concrete mix, BLOKmur MB-25



Product symbol Qty per pallet WWeight 1 pc [kg] Use
BLOKMUR MB-25 48 25 Do zalewania słupków i elementów elewacyjnych
Product symbol BLOKMUR MB-25
Qty per pallet 48
WWeight 1 pc [kg] 25
Use Do zalewania słupków i elementów elewacyjnych

Pliki BIM Concrete mix, BLOKmur MB-25  Concrete mix, BLOKmur MB-25 - Pliki BIM

  Etykiet BLOKmur MB-25

Product description and its use

BLOKmur MB-25 concrete mix for pouring columns and elevation elements is a ready-made refined mortar in the form of dry powder with optimum compressive strength. Mixing with water gives a hydraulically binding mass with very good technical and operational parameters, having sufficient parameters for typical applications. Due to its properties, it can be used indoors and outdoors. It is mainly recommended for sealing columns and fence walls as well as for landscape architecture made of CJ Blok® elevation elements. It is characterized by low shrinkage stress during binding. For larger quantities, a concrete mixer or pumping-mixing machine should be used for the floors. From a 25 kg bag, processed with max. 3 l of water you receive approx. 13.5 l of mortar. The mortar is graded from 0 to 4 mm. 

Detailed product information is provided on the product label.