Ventilation hollow block CJ Blok® PW 2/36

Zdjęcie produktu Ventilation hollow block CJ Blok® PW 2/36



Product symbol Qty per pallet Gross pallet weight [kg] Gross density Unit weight [kg]
PW 2/36 56 pcs 660 850 kg/m³ ±10% 11,2
Product symbol PW 2/36
Qty per pallet 56 pcs
Gross pallet weight [kg] 660
Gross density 850 kg/m³ ±10%
Unit weight [kg] 11,2

Pliki BIM Ventilation hollow block CJ Blok® PW 2/36  Ventilation hollow block CJ Blok® PW 2/36 - Pliki BIM


Product description and its use

Expanded clay and perlite hollow block with two air vents is a high quality product which is used in the construction of ventilation ducts, operating in a gravitational, i.e. natural way. It has to remove used air from inside the building to the outside. The mixture of expanded clay and perlite allows for high sound insulation and excellent fire resistance. What is more, high heat transfer resistance ensures very good insulation of the chimney. The hollow block is also resistant to the formation of mould or fungi. Due to the materials used, the unit is lightweight and very environmentally friendly.