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Split surface elevation perlite brick CJ Blok® CPE-6,5

Zdjęcie produktu Split surface elevation perlite brick CJ Blok® CPE-6,5



Product symbol Qty per pallet Gross pallet weight [kg] Unit weight [kg] Compressive strength
CPE-6,5 480 pcs 550 1,1 3 MPa
Product symbol CPE-6,5
Qty per pallet 480 pcs
Gross pallet weight [kg] 550
Unit weight [kg] 1,1
Compressive strength 3 MPa

Pliki BIM Split surface elevation perlite brick CJ Blok® CPE-6,5  Split surface elevation perlite brick CJ Blok® CPE-6,5 - Pliki BIM

  Instructions for use and installation of CJ Blok products - elevation and facing compontents


Product description and its use

Elevation perlite brick with single-sided split surface is a modern CJ Blok® product with unique technical parameters. It is made on the basis of perlite, the volcanic glass that is friendly to health and natural environment. It is characterized by low volumetric density and high thermal insulation, which allows for keeping heat in the rooms as long as possible. Aditionally, it features increased resistance to frost and moisture, so there are no favorable conditions for the development of fungi and mould. It has the highest class of fire resistance and does not react mechanically to extreme temperatures. Thanks to its properties and a variety of colors, it is perfect as a facade cladding of the house, as well as the finishing of internal walls in residential buildings, e.g. as a decorative wall of living rooms, fireplace finish, decoration of the entrance door inside and outside the building. This brick comes in 5 different colors, each of these colors has a delicate subtle shade, which makes it a perfect fit for any interior design. Also used to erect facades of commercial objects such as shopping malls, office buildings, etc.