Acoustic Leca® BLOK BL AQ18g2

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Product symbol Qty per pallet Gross pallet weight [kg] Unit weight [kg] Compressive strength Fire classification (acc to EN-13501-2+A1:2010) Sound insulation Rw [dB] Equivalent thermal conductivity coefficient [W/(mK)]
BL AQ18g2 50 pcs 1400 27,5 15 MPa REI 240 Rw 55 (-2; -6) Equivalent thermal conductivity λ10,dry: 0,4928
Product symbol BL AQ18g2
Qty per pallet 50 pcs
Gross pallet weight [kg] 1400
Unit weight [kg] 27,5
Compressive strength 15 MPa
Fire classification (acc to EN-13501-2+A1:2010) REI 240
Sound insulation Rw [dB] Rw 55 (-2; -6)
Equivalent thermal conductivity coefficient [W/(mK)] Equivalent thermal conductivity λ10,dry: 0,4928

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Product description and its use

The acoustic block CJ Blok® 18 cm wide is an ecological product with excellent quality. It is used in erecting load-bearing walls (facing and exposed), partitions, e.g. garages and livestock buildings. More and more often developers decide on purchasing this block and using it for building walls separating apartments in multi-family housing. The wall made of expanded clay block gives very high sound insulation while using gypsum plaster on both sides of the wall. Due to the good thermal insulation properties, the walls made of the block guarantee thermal comfort in residential premises. In addition, the product does not absorb water, which allows for avoiding the development of mould and fungi. The block with its properties has optimal dimensions so that rooms get extra space. These products have special recesses in the upper surface that make their lifting and assembly much easier.