Concrete foundation block CJ Blok® BB-39/12,5

Zdjęcie produktu Concrete foundation block CJ Blok® BB-39/12,5



Product symbol Qty per pallet Gross pallet weight [kg] Unit weight [kg] Compressive strength
BB-39/12,5 48/45 pcs 1320/1235 27 12,5 MPa
Product symbol BB-39/12,5
Qty per pallet 48/45 pcs
Gross pallet weight [kg] 1320/1235
Unit weight [kg] 27
Compressive strength 12,5 MPa

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Product description and its use

CJ Blok® concrete foundation block is of high quality and very good strength parameters. It is an ideal material for erecting foundation and basement walls as well as fence foundations. Particularly used in single-family housing. The block has an extraordinary resistance to very low temperatures. The minimal water absorption, which prevents the formation of moisture in buildings, is a benefit too. Besides, the block is very resistant to fire serving as a fire protection. Thanks to the smooth surfaces and even edges, the wall construction is quick and efficient. The block is easy to process, so drilling holes becomes much simpler. The unit weight of BB-39/12.5 block is lower than that of BB-39 block so it is possible to transport more BB-39/12.5 blocks.