Concrete foundation block CJ Blok® BB-39

Zdjęcie produktu Concrete foundation block CJ Blok® BB-39



Product symbol Qty per pallet Gross pallet weight [kg] Unit weight [kg] Compressive strength Fire classification (acc to EN-13501-2+A1:2010)
BB-39 48/45 pcs 1410/1320 29 25 MPa REI 180, REW 180
Product symbol BB-39
Qty per pallet 48/45 pcs
Gross pallet weight [kg] 1410/1320
Unit weight [kg] 29
Compressive strength 25 MPa
Fire classification (acc to EN-13501-2+A1:2010) REI 180, REW 180

Pliki BIM Concrete foundation block CJ Blok® BB-39  Concrete foundation block CJ Blok® BB-39 - Pliki BIM


Product description and its use

39x24x14 cm concrete foundation block of CJ Blok® is cuboid-shaped and has no through holes. This allows it to be placed vertically and horizontally in any way. We can use the block to build foundation and basement walls as well as fence foundations. Due to its high strength, it is perfect for erecting walls in multi-family and public buildings, e.g. schools, kindergartens, workplaces, warehouses, etc. The block has high quality and very good strength parameters. This material shows high resistance to very low temperatures, while providing stable constructions. Also, it has excellent resistance to fire, and the smooth outer surface does not require any plasters. Easy processing of the block makes drilling easier.